The Business Challenge in Physical Security

Systems integrators developing solutions for building automation and physical security face a significant hurdle when interfacing with various types of systems that may be installed at a facility - especially when those systems have been previously installed. Developing applications to manage or interact with those systems can be challenging due to the various network interface types, different API interfaces and security protocols.

The EdgeIQ Solution

EdgeIQ provides a cohesive set of RESTful API interface for the integrator. Our EdgeIQ solution, through its programmable ingestors and translators, has the ability to communicate with a wide variety of existing systems. Once configured, EdgeIQ provides a complete set of normalized information on those systems and a full set of standardized command that can be accessed via our API’s.

API Interface

Subvert the typical challenges associated with varied systems, protocols, and network types typically found within physical security systems and building automation, with REST-ful APIs, and a normalized set of data.

Real-Time Wellness

Monitor your devices’ health and wellness in real-time, and receive automated alerts and notifications when device health declines. Know when your devices are offline, and resolve service issues proactively.

Remote Management

Reduce avoidable truck rolls and cut back on the amount of time technicians spend in the field with remote device commands, software updates, and real-time monitoring/ ticket integration with your service desk.

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