The Business Challenge in Consumer Electronics

Any consumer electronics manufacturer can share the frustration and sentiment of having many versions of any given product in the field at one given time.  Further exasperating this problem, the structure of development within many of these OEMs organically lead to silos of solutions - making it very difficult to create a unified monitoring and management solution.

The EdgeIQ Solution

EdgeIQ provides a unified set of RESTful API’s that can be normalized across multiple product lines to create an interface for applications spanning multiple product versions or models. Using our configurable interface logic, EdgeIQ receives data and issues commands to devices deployed on a wide variety of networks. Our system is designed to handle intermittent device connections - very common in the consumer product industry - providing simple and accessible monitoring and management.

Complete Device
Management Solution

Onboard thousands of devices in seconds, configure and deploy fleets with zero-touch, update software in local time during off-hours, manage accounts & worfklows, execute campaigns, and even decommission devices.

Real-Time Wellness

Monitor your devices’ health and wellness in real-time, and receive automated alerts and notifications when device health declines. Know when your devices are offline, and resolve service issues proactively.

Remote Service

Reduce avoidable truck rolls and cut back on the amount of time technicians spend in the field with remote device commands, software updates, and real-time monitoring/ ticket integration with your service desk.

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