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EdgeIQ provides the software, services and expertise you need to transform your connected product into a hyper-growth connected business. This is so much more than remote management - it's the future of your business.

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The new technology stack at the heart of every connected product

EdgeIQ is the only company that provides the software and expertise you need to transform your connected product into a hyper-growth connected business. This is so much more than remote management - it's the future of your business.

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Enterprises rely heavily on partner technology for DevOps, DataOps, SecOps and more. With hundreds to hundreds of millions of connected products deployed, you need a DeviceOps service to simplify and scale all the essential operations of managing your fleet, your customers and partners. 

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Fleet Management

A single source of truth for your device fleet, their standard configuration profiles, software BOM, update records, cloud integrations, locations and more. Easily understand deployment status by accounts, locations or even product types. 


Automate device provisioning by assigning standard configurations to devices even when they vary by account, location or model number. Seamlessly integrate with your supply chain and inventory management systems. 


Every device can be configured with a standard heartbeat for wellness monitoring. Policy-based rules can trigger alerts, notifications and real-time remediation. Gather diagnostic data for key BI and analytics. 

Software Management

A flexible and reliable way to manage all device software from the Operating System to firmware, applications and even machine learning models  running on your devices. Schedule, execute, monitor and validate any update over any network, anywhere, anytime. 

Users and Accounts

Define and manage a virtually unlimited number of users and accounts with support for multi-tier hierarchies of both. Role-based access and control provides a solid foundation for managing not just devices - but products and customers. 

Data Orchestration

Rich, critical information about your product, your operations and your customers' operations lie within petabytes of data that your products are producing by the hour. EdgeIQ's platform provides access, insights and assures that you own and control your data.  

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Easily configure the Operating Platform to consume any data from any device over any network anywhere in the universe. No agent is required on the endpoints to receive device data.


Machines don't speak English, French, German or even Japanese. EdgeIQ converts raw machine data  into JSON for our API or whatever language you want in our web application. 


EdgeIQ helps customers look at data in context - at the edge or in the cloud for key events and real time management. The platform also includes data visualization capabilities for your most foundational needs.


Not all data is important information. Devices create enormous amounts of data that may not be useful. Our platform allows you create policies that will filter and throttle data - only saving and storing what you want. 


It's your data so EdgeIQ allows you to bring your own cloud accounts, databases and applications. The platform allows you to send data to as many destinations as you choose and different data to different locations. 

Service Automation

EdgeIQ simplifies the way you integrate devices and their data to the cloud and applications - your cloud and your applications. The platform also provides a rich policy-based framework to automate key workflows and automatically respond to data and events.

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Cloud Integration

EdgeIQ makes it easy to bring your own cloud and your own applications. Our platform can provide one-click, zero-touch integration with any cloud platform and application offering secure, cross account management.

Workflow Automation

Zero-touch deployments, event-based notifications and software management retries are simple examples of how customers can automate workflows and activities across hundreds, thousands and millions of devices. 

Event Management

Event management is one of the most important workflows to automate. EdgeIQ makes it easy to trigger actions based on data and events that occur with devices, networks, software updates or even user and account changes. 

Edge Services

The native compute power of today's devices allows you to deploy rich applications, AI/ML or simple analytics models at the edge. Our platform allows you to deploy, monitor and update these services  seamlessly and effortlessly. 

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