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The purpose-built Operations, Orchestration and Observability platform for your connected product business.
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Device Management Workflows 
Beyond device management features - Device Operations workflows that simplify, scale and connect devices to your operations. 
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Fleet Management
Define, group and manage device fleets by profiles, accounts, locations or accounts.
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Lifecycle Management
See devices in their lifecycle state: unclaimed, active, suspended, maintenance, de-commissioned and more.
Group 33949
Define First Connection and provisioning workflows from simple network parameters to complex application orchestration.
Group 33950
Configuration Management
Manage a wide range of device configurations and application settings - defining templated or custom configurations by device profile.
Group 33951
Configurable wellness monitoring of hardware, sensors, connections, telemetry data, power, memory and simple on/off status.
Group 33952
Diagnostics and Remediation
Leverage wellness data or initiate deep remote terminal access for advanced diagnostics and remediation actions.
Group 33953
Policy-based alerts and notifications driven from any event or workflow and sent via any desired channel.
Group 33954
Software Updates
Flexible software update management tool for executing software updates and device commands with retry management and audit logs.
Data Management Workflows
Beyond data management features - Data Operations workflows that consume, normalize and federate device, network and operational data.
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Data Ingest 
Protocol-agnostic data ingestion, JSON normalization and filtering: HTTP, MQTT, SMTP, Modbus, OPC-UA, BACnet and more.
Group 1000004190
Data Federation
Set policies to send data from the edge directly to any cloud service, infrastructure, application or Database.
Group 1000004191
Data Introspection
Examine data for specific anomalies, thresholds, averages or other patterns to trigger events and workflows.
Group 1000004192
Device Data Storage
Dedicated data storage and retrieval for devices and gateways for immediate and short term analysis and visualization.
Group 1000004193
Telemetry Data Storage
Optional storage of operational telemetry data in addition to the data federation capability.
At the heart of a workflow-centric platform are tools to build, manage and secure highly scalable workflows across the device, data and user value chain.
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Group 1000004194
Workflow Composer
No code, drag and drop tool for creating, deploying and automating workflows throughout your application and infrastructure ecosystem.
Group 1000004195
Workflow Templates
Leverage reusable workflows and subflows for common processes, including third party workflows.
Group 1000004196
Composable Subflows
Add and execute subordinate flows to pass variables to broader actions in workflows.
Group 1000004197
Conditional Logic Decision Nodes
Execute specific actions, including flow branches, based on one or more conditions being met in a workflow.
Group 1000004198
Workflow Governance
Create safeguards to ensure appropriate controls for creating and changing workflows by role and organizations are in place.
Deep, actionable insights into devices, their data, events and workflows. Analytics, visualization and powerful reporting tools
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Group 33937
Event Logging
Service that will log any system event including device, data, user actions, commands, updates, configuration changes, workflows and more. 
Group 33938
Workflow Insights
Detailed insights into workflow creation and execution that measure success, failure, latency or other parameters.
Group 33939
Aggregated Data Sources
Synthesize any data or event log content to perform aggregated analytics, reporting and visualization.
Group 33940
Telemetry Dashboards
Configurable visualization and dashboard on system or operational telemetry data.
Group 33941
Audit Reports
Leveraging the common event and data models, monitor and audit important events, actions and workflows. 
EdgelQ Symphony
The operating platform powering Operations, Orchestration and Observability for connected product businesses.
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EdgeIQ Symphony
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Virtual Device Abstraction
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Unified Event Model
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Multi-tier Hierarchy
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Unified Data Model
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Unified Security Model
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Integration Hub