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DeviceOps as an API and an Application

Focus on the Strategic

With EdgeIQ, you can focus your resources on the layers of the product stack that are most strategic. You will never have to waste time building undifferentiated device management, integration and automation software.

Beyond the functional capabilities you need, we make it easy to incorporate DeviceOps throughout your product development, field service, finance, business and customer operations.


Fleet Management

The system of record for all connected devices, their attributes, configurations, software versions and state (escrow, quarantine, active, retired).


We make it easy to define profiles and onboard devices individually or in bulk.

We can synchronize device fleets in EdgeIQ with third party systems you may be using with cloud providers, field service, CRM applications and more.


User/Account Management

EdgeIQ provides granular, multi-tier support for various user and account profiles. You can easily create and manage user profiles to define what visibility and management access any user has within the service.

User-Account Management-001

Different system access

The same goes for organizations - your customers, partners, even internal stakeholders can have different system access.

Manage everything

This allows the parent organization to see and manage everything while protecting the privacy and security of child and sibling organizations.



EdgeIQ makes it easy to pre-provision devices for zero-touch configuration. Custom-configurations by organizations, location, model number can be easily defined. Devices call home and can receive their config parameters for how often to call home, where to send data, receive software updates and much more.



Our service allows you to configure regular heartbeat and other wellness reports against almost any device and network parameters.


These can be set as part of a device profile, or unique to specific accounts and organizations.

You can also change monitoring and diagnostic settings over time.

Creating alerts and sending notifications is simple with EdgeIQ including triggering events in third party systems.


Software Management

One of the most powerful and flexible features of the EdgeIQ platform is the ability to deploy, monitor and manage any software at the edge - whether on an endpoint or a gateway.

Software Management-new


You can update and configure operating systems, firmware, applications and even services like AI/ML from your team or a third party service.

Simplifies the process

EdgeIQ simplifies the process of defining an update workflow, scheduling, executing, reporting and auditing actions across your entire fleet, or targeted at any group of devices.


Data Management and Analytics

EdgeIQ allows you to ingest, normalize, filter, analyse and visualize device and network data. You can easily configure the service to consume data over any protocol and network.

Data Management - Analytics-new

Configurable data federation service

Allows you to send the data directly to any database, application or cloud service you choose. EdgeIQ doesn’t need to store any of the device data payload giving you maximum control and minimizing latency and security exposure.


For customers who want more advanced capabilities, EdgeIQ provides optional services to analyze and visualize data in our native web application or, as always, via API.

You can still work with third party analytics and data storage services, but EdgeIQ now provides powerful data management for you and your customers.


Workflow Integration/

DeviceOps from EdgeIQ knocks down organizational, system and data silos. With a single click, you can integrate device data with your services from AWS, Microsoft, Google, or any other enterprise application and data service you choose.

Workflow Integration-Orchestration-new


Alerts can be sent and tickets can be created within CRM and Field Service platforms, using your accounts and credentials.

Makes it easy

EdgeIQ also makes it easy to configure and orchestrate even the most complex device-centric workflows between your devices, their data, your cloud services and your partner and customer applications - all with a single API or through our web application.



For EdgeIQ, security is more than a feature.

Security is designed into every element of the API and web application and an integral part of how you use any of our functional services. The platform carefully segments system and data access by your unique credentials within a multi-tier hierarchy.


Users are controlled not only Customers have the option of bringing their own cloud and data accounts.

EdgeIQ also encrypts data in motion and can support a wide range of third-party certificate services you may wish to use. The platform also supports multi-factor authentication, providing additional safeguards for your customers and partners using the system.

Solving Problems In Any Market

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Field Service

On the front lines, we provide tools that simplify provisioning, wellness monitoring and remote updates at scale.

Medical Devices

Monitor and manage complex, distributed medical systems with an agentless platform.

Industrial Automation

Support for multiple industrial protocols and powerful edge compute services tame the most complex technologies in robotics, supply chain and manufacturing tech.

Smart Spaces

Intelligent systems and distributed infrastructure are easier to manage with EdgeIQ

Field Service

On the front lines, we provide tools that simplify provisioning, wellness monitoring and remote updates at scale.

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