The Business Challenge in Embedded Computers

Whether the volume is large or small, one thing all gateway and embedded computer installations have in common is how challenging configuration can be. With a wide array of capabilities and configuration options, it is very easy (and all too common) to mis-configure the device. In addition to complexity and quality concerns, once you add volume and scale to the equation, you have the perfect storm. With all of these challenges, it’s no surprise many manufacturers are now being required to offer an over the air configuration and monitoring tool to replace the local connection tools historically provided.

The EdgeIQ Solution

By installing EdgeIQ native with their products, the manufacturer is able to offer a fully branded, multi-tenant solution to their customers. Using EdgeIQ, manufacturers have the ability to not only manage software updates and configurations, but quickly and easily manage those devices once deployed in the field. Our zero-touch configuration ensures correct installations, while limiting the time and effort required for the installation. Once installed, monitoring, remote configuration, and software updates allow for complete remote management of the deployed systems.

Fully Branded Multi-Tenant Solution

Customizable out of the box multi-tenant solution including a fully brandable web portal, enabling customer onboarding, configuration, comprehensive device management, and real-time monitoring.


Deploy entire fleets with a single click - never even having to physically touch the device itself. Significantly save cost and time through reduced level of effort related to field engineer installation and service

Comprehensive Remote Management

Enable end to end device management and campaign execution. Upload devices, provision, execute software updates anywhere/ anytime, monitor device health,, and even decommission devices remotely.

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