Connected Products are
mission-critical in Healthcare

Medical device manufacturers face many challenges when it comes to monitoring and managing their connected products. Multiple device versions, proprietary interfaces, network connectivity, patient confidentiality, and FDA certifications all add to a complex landscape. These challenges are only further exasperated by a critical need for real-time monitoring and management, as well as a high cost to maintain these devices. Additionally, as OEMs look to transform their business models from selling a product to selling that product as a service, these challenges become full-on barriers to business.

The EdgeIQ Solution

EdgeIQ is the digital infrastructure OEMs need to comprehensively manage their connected devices. From uploading devices in bulk, to one-click zero-touch configuration, updating device firmware anywhere anytime, executing automated workflows, simplifying third party application management, and providing real-time health and wellness monitoring, EdgeIQ delivers the remote capabilities required to improve mean time to resolution, and reduce avoidable truck rolls. EdgeIQ technology, ingesters, and translators are agnostic - enabling communication between a variety of devices using the native protocol already deployed. It is not required that our software is implemented on our customer’s devices, in order to deliver this solution. 

Complete Device
Management Solution

Onboard thousands of devices in seconds, configure and deploy fleets with zero-touch, update software in local time during off-hours, manage accounts & worfklows, execute campaigns, and even decommission devices.

Wellness Monitoring

Monitor your devices’ health and wellness in real-time, and receive automated alerts & notifications when device health declines. Know when your devices are offline, and resolve service issues proactively.

Remote Service

Reduce avoidable truck rolls and cut back on the amount of time technicians spend in the field with remote device commands, software updates, and real-time monitoring/ ticket integration with your service desk.

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