The Business Challenge in Industrial Automation

Monitoring devices in industrial settings, or on a manufacturer’s factory floor provides invaluable insights and datasets for the operation of the business, but it can often be difficult to collect.  Many protocols including some of the most common, such as: Modbus, OPC-UA, and TCP make it difficult to utilize standard IT monitoring solutions, common amongst IT infrastructures.

The EdgeIQ Solution

Installing EdgeIQ on a small server or gateway device on the factory floor enables communication with industrial devices, and provides the much needed bridge between OT devices and your IT infrastructure. With our configurable ingestors and translators, information is collected from industrial devices, and used to feed workflow policies to route device data and device status to enterprise applications or cloud based solutions. In addition to collecting information, EdgeIQ analyzes this data in realtime and creates alarms, notifications, and web service calls to applications based on a wide variety of rules to monitor your devices for proper operation.

Bridge OT Devices &
IT Infrastructure

Enable communication between your OT devices and your IT infrastructure.


Configurable ingestors and translators enable real-time data collection for equipment monitoring.

Workflow Policy

Establish automated alerts, notifications, and policies to manage your manufacturing floor.

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