The Business Challenge in Field Service

Organizations rooted in service will be able to tell you exactly how much it costs every time they have to send a technician into the field, and how many times that truck roll could have been avoided in the first place. Many times, simple remote management capabilities such as commands to the device, or a firmware update easily fix the problem. Most modern devices have some sort of connectivity to a network - usually through a gateway device providing WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-wave, Lutron, or other protocols. Unfortunately, these devices are not constantly connected and have limitations in how they can be reached from the broader internet.

The EdgeIQ Solution

EdgeIQ provides a full suite of device management solutions. Our local service running on the local gateway communicates directly with the device and delivers full configuration updates, software updates, and monitors the device health and wellness for correct operation. Using built-in tools within our solution, the enterprise can integrate with their service ticket desk, and create various notifications and workflows to identify and resolve service issues.

Remote Service &
Real-Time Monitoring

Configure, deploy, and manage thousands of devices with a single click - never having to physically touch them. Monitor devices in real-time, proactively resolve service issues, deliver software updates in during off hours, and automate workflows.

Reduce Avoidable

Significantly improve operational costs through truck roll reduction and improved mean time to resolution with remote device commands, software updates, real-time monitoring, and service desk ticket integration.

Seamless Customer

Know when your device is down before your customer does, and proactively resolve. Shift your business from reactive to predictive, prevent service outages, reduce inbound calls, and deliver a seamless customer experience, driving retention.

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