Merging IoT with Field Service to Drive Machine Uptime and Proactively Resolve Equipment Failures - Before They Occur

BOSTON, MA – August 20, 2019  OnProcess Technology, a global leader in service optimization, today announced a joint solution in partnership with edge computing pioneer EdgeIQ. Together, OnProcess and EdgeIQ are transforming field service from reactive to proactive, and beyond, with their Connected Field Service solution.

“The terms ‘proactive’ and ‘predictive’ have been pervasive in field service for years,” says Sarah Hatfield, Vice President of Product for OnProcess. “But we’re changing the game - gone are the days of relying on historical data to predict what might happen. With Connected Field Service, OnProcess and EdgeIQ are harnessing machine signals directly from the edge and using device specific real-time inputs to service equipment before it fails - driving machine uptime.”

“In partnering with OnProcess, we’re not only making it easier than ever to manage connected devices, we’re unlocking new levels of value - enabling service providers to deliver a truly seamless customer experience, significantly reducing their cost to serve, and facilitating a proactive business,” says Michael Campbell, Chief Executive Officer for EdgeIQ.

OnProcess is a global service optimization specialist, delivering end to end service value chain solutions driving first time resolution, improved revenue, reduced costs, and customer satisfaction for some of the world’s leading brands through an outcome based delivery.

EdgeIQ is an edge computing specialist, delivering brilliantly simple connected product and device management. From device fleet management, wellness monitoring and remote software management, all the way through decommissioning. EdgeIQ is CRM for connected devices.

Connected Field Service Advantages

Machine Uptime: Monitor real-time machine signals directly from the edge to understand device wellness and seamlessly execute service events before there is a disruption in service

Cost Reduction: Mitigate service disruption for customers to reduce inbound call queues and negative customer experiences and even prevent production equipment failure in OEM factories

Customer Lifetime Value: Limit disruption and deliver your services consistently to drive customer loyalty, reduce subscriber churn, and ultimately drive both customer and shareholder value

Service Strategy Alignment: Leverage device data to drive value throughout your business - prevent no fault found, negotiate supplier pricing, re-design onboarding, and fine tune your product roadmap

“Finding new ways to cut costs and improve customer experience are two of the greatest challenges of any service executive,” says John Carroll, Chief Executive Officer for Service Council. “And in today’s landscape, that demand has become even more pervasive with the introduction of IoT. OnProcess and EdgeIQ take an innovative approach to cracking the code to service strategy alignment. I’m excited to see their joint solution set the tone for the evolution of service delivery.”

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About OnProcess

OnProcess streamlines the service value chain - digitizing and optimizing business processes for service providers and OEMs. Rooted in analytics, OnProcess maintains the delicate balance between cost to serve, the customer experience, and growing services revenue. Through an outcome-based delivery model, the company’s success is entirely dependent upon their customers’. OnProcess’ unique combination of proprietary technology, analytics, and world-class service delivery experts is the combination that has led many of the world’s leading brands to rely on OnProcess as a trusted advisor and service optimizer. OnProcess provides services in 26 languages and operates out of eight global facilities, including its Massachusetts headquarters. More information about our solutions can be found at

About EdgeIQ

EdgeIQ is the Edge Computing Company and software platform provider for managing the Connected Product Value Chain. EdgeIQ's cradle to grave device lifecycle management also includes service and data orchestration between edge devices and upstream cloud services and on-premise systems. EdgeIQ delivers brilliantly simple edge computing solutions to hyper-connected and highly distributed organizations worldwide. The platform is a distributed software solution that serves connected product OEMs, enterprises, and ISVs worldwide. Founded in 2012, EdgeIQ is headquartered in Boston, MA with offices in Denver and distribution partners worldwide. More information about our products and offerings can be found at