A powerful combination of edge computing hardware, device management, data orchestration and cloud integration software.

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The EdgeIQ - OnLogic offering combines power and simplicity to deliver highly scalable distributed compute solutions

As organizations focus more resources on customer- and domain-specific applications, they have less time to build the foundational infrastructure software. OnLogic and EdgeIQ have teamed up to remove this burden from building solutions and deliver the most flexible and scalable platform that can be seamlessly integrated into any cloud infrastructure.


The tight integration between OnLogic and EdgeIQ create simplicity from the initial order through the device’s supply chain, deployment, zero-touch provisioning and one-click cloud integration.


Policy-based wellness monitoring, alerts, notifications and event management are easily configured across your fleet of devices and cloud infrastructure. Easily create configuration profiles for all customer accounts and deployment scenarios.

Distributed Computing

EdgeIQ helps organization both deploy applications and services onto edge computers and seamlessly integrate their data with any cloud platform or application. Customers bring their own accounts and control their own data.