EdgeIQ + Laird Connectivity

A turnkey Edge-to-Cloud compute solution pairing Laird Connectivity's world-class hardware with Canvas Device Manager, powered by our DeviceOps platform, to simplify deploying and managing even the most complex IoT systems.


Deploy. Monitor. Manage. Scale 

EdgeIQ has partnered with Laird Connectivity to offer a robust DeviceOps software platform - CANVAS Device Manager - to enable customers to manage, monitor, deploy, and scale their connected device portfolio seamlessly on various gateways and sensors, including the SentriusTM MG100 IoT gateway and the BT610 I/O Sensor.



Why You Need CANVAS
With CANVAS Device Manager, powered by EdgeIQ, Laird Connectivity's industry-leading IoT sensors and gateways can now be managed, monitored, and updated in one single place.
Device Management
Define device profiles, bulk onboarding, onboarding, lifecycle/state management, wellness monitoring, alerting and notifications, remote diagnostics, commands, configuration and software update management
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Security and Administration
Granular, role-based access at the user and account levels, configurable user profiles, multi-tier hierarchy support for nearly unlimited account/sub-account layers. Multi-factor authentication, data encryption for data in transit, device-initiated service engagement, Secrets feature for storing third party service credentials.
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Data Management
Ingest, normalize, analyze, visualize, federate and store device and telemetry data over any network and any protocol. Bring your own long term data storage and analytics services.
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Service Integration
Bring-your-own-cloud and account integrations for core infrastructure, data and enterprise application services. Marketplace of pre-built integrations for select AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform IoT, Pub/Sub and data services.
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Workflow Orchestration
Dozens of native workflows involving device provisioning, event management and BYOA integrations. A nearly infinite number of business processes can be automated using workflow creation/management services.
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Start Now with CANVAS Device Manager
Reduce time-to-market with pre-provisioned devices, remotely apply software updates and rapidly scale up your solutions.
Customers can literally be operational in minutes - defining device profiles, creating user and organizational accounts, defining integration and data management policies and more.

The application leverages EdgeIQ’s multi-tier user and account hierarchy support. You can create a nearly infinite number of accounts and sub-accounts to support even the broadest customer and channel structure.
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Bring Your Own Cloud
Leverage Our
Deep Integrations
With CANVAS powered by EdgeIQ, you can orchestrate secure workflows between your homegrown applications, your legacy systems, and your cloud services of choice. Our deep integrations simplify how you use IoT and data services from AWS, Microsoft and Google with your Laird Connectivity sensors and gateways.
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Ready to Accelerate Your Time to Market?
Canvas Device Management picks up where hardware integration leaves off, with EdgeIQ’s DeviceOps platform that allows you to seamlessly control, secure and scale your entire IoT device fleet.
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