Fully managed edge compute gateway for harsh remote applications build to support mission-critical edge compute applications where processing, monitoring, and reliability are required.

FreeWave-EdgeIQ compute gateway solution is an APN Partner Solution that can be rapidly deployed on AWS.

FreeWave's ZumLink and ZumIQ edge computing devices enabled with AWS IoT Greengrass and EdgeIQ device management service seamlessly extend AWS computing to the network's edge. This allows industrial devices to act locally on the data they generate while still leveraging AWS Cloud services for management, analytics, and durable storage.


Extend AWS services to the edge while integrating existing legacy industrial equipment used in extreme environmental conditions.


EdgeIQ-enabled FreeWave devices will automatically receive all their necessary configurations, software updates, and AWS IoT Greengrass credentials.

High Availability

Maximize system uptime with automated service monitoring with automatic restart, reboot, or failover of AWS IoT Greengrass and associated services.