EdgeIQ Spring ‘23 Product Release: Another Step Forward for DeviceOps

By Tony Lapolito

“Historically, DeviceOps has been point solutions, expensive DIY, and unfulfilled dreams” - Tony Lapolito, EdgeIQ's Chief Product Officer.  


Today’s DeviceOps far exceeds yesterday’s device management and DIY

Let’s start at the top. What exactly is DeviceOps?

  • DeviceOps is both a framework and platform for the lifecycle management of devices and their data. 
  • DeviceOps seamlessly integrates devices and data with cloud services and applications. 
  • DeviceOps enables the orchestration of powerful workflows throughout the business value chain.
  • DeviceOps is the technology foundation of the Connected Product Economy. 


In my opening quote, I admit the word “dreams” was a bit cheeky - it really is all about the DeviceOps vision - delivering that vision.  I mean - who dreams about DeviceOps?  Well, if your needs are unmet, managing your connected product portfolio can be a real nightmare.  Our Spring ‘23 release is another milestone in delivering our DeviceOps vision.  

As the product guy, I’m often asked - How do you decide what goes into your roadmap, and what is the highest priority?  As early users of Operating Platforms (if you don’t know what this is - it sounds like a great future blog topic) such as Jira, Salesforce, ServiceNow, or Hubspot will attest - the reality did not always match the vision - or the vision was not even complete.

These same users can probably attest that they helped shape the vision, the roadmap, and even the functionality / UX of the product.  Well, what I am saying is my job is pretty easy at this stage.  At EdgeIQ, we have a great vision of how DeviceOps is improving and will continue to accelerate the advancement of the connected product economy,  and luckily, we have a lot of great users to help shape the execution of the roadmap and deliver that vision.  

So what’s in our Spring ‘23 release?  Naturally, we are delivering many of the things our users are asking for - well, maybe my job isn’t so easy - screaming for..  These are the features and functions with the highest value to our users to help make their homegrown device and data management nightmares go away. They represent a step function in each of the core functional areas that make EdgeIQ the leading DeviceOps company in the world. 

Without further ado - here is the Spring ‘23 release full of value for each of you:



  • Entirely transformed DeviceOps Application with an intuitive user interface that is DeviceOps task-focused, streamlining the user experience to achieve the desired outcomes at scale with the greatest efficiency.  The application is designed from the ground up to adapt as DeviceOps evolves.
  • Rich Device Filtering provides nearly limitless ways to filter and view devices by type, model, customer account, location, status, and more to quickly find the device or fleet of devices that are of interest for that task.  Total flexibility allows users to have a more practical view of the devices that matter in fleets of 100,000s or millions of devices.
  • Rich support for the LwM2M device management protocol broadens support for more device types and provides lower data usage and power consumption.  The support for LwM2M reinforces EdgeIQ’s ability to provide an agentless solution.
  • Added new Data Ingest Protocols Google Pub/Sub and SNMP to expand the device type and data protocols support to enable all your devices on a single platform.
  • Enhanced Multi-Tier User and Account Hierarchy to create device structures that mirror your business and organization.  This multi-tier hierarchy enables a single deployment to scale globally across your entire ecosystem.
  • Support for AWS IoT Greengrass 2.0 to enable zero-touch providing and management on edge devices and AWS Marketplace to simplify contracting and purchasing.

Device Lifecycle Management:

    • With Device Escrow State, gateway manufacturers can pre-provision devices with our management software and transfer devices to customer accounts at a later date. 
    • User Defined Device Commands are a core functionality that is extremely powerful across many tasks.  Provides the ability to create, manage and execute at-scale user-defined commands on any device.  These commands can be either OS or application specific - as long as the device can interpret them, providing ultimate flexibility and control.
    • Configuration Management provides a flexible method to configure or reconfigure any device remotely.  Configurations are pre-defined, stored in the EdgeIQ platform, and can be sent to a device or fleet of devices.  Nearly any device attribute can be defined and set, from wifi settings to screen background
    • New and enhanced Diagnostics and Repair capabilities enable customers to scalable Tier 1 support organization operations and address issues with devices. EdgeIQ has added User Defined Remote Diagnostics, which can set up user-defined diagnostics commands that can be run on a device and get back device responses.   Meant to be deployed for tier 1 support staff and used as part of a diagnostic workflow - this enables a programmatic and repeatable process to determine the fault and restore devices to service.  These commands can also be integrated into a run book environment to be executed automatically.
    • To assist with the restoration of devices to service, EdgeIQ can now provide Automatic Repair Commands to take remediation action.  These commands can include new or restoration of configuration/settings, rebooting the device, updating software, or reconfiguring network settings. 


  • The addition of the Data Transformation Action workflow enables incoming data to be transformed on a granular basis (by device, fleet, user, account) on the fly and sent to a destination endpoint.  This enables the data to be normalized for utilization by different users and systems without further manual or automation processing.  Various transformations are supported, including temperature, time, cleansing, replacement, calculations, and string/number conversation.

With our Spring ‘23 release, EdgeIQ is delivering the most comprehensive DeviceOps Platform on the market, enabling the Connected Device Economy to deliver to their strategy. 

Are we done?  Hell No!  


Are you expecting more from Jira?  Salesforce?  ServiceNow?  Hubspot?  Hell yes!  


We are only just beginning.  Stay tuned for our next release - it promises to be even more exciting.  Oh - and if you want to ask (ummm scream) for things on our roadmap - I always have an ear.  It is my job to turn those nightmares into sweet dreams - DeviceOps Dreams.




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