AWS IoT Service Deployment, Management, and High Availability with Simplicity and Scale

With Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT Services, you can leverage the compute power of devices at the edge and distribute important data and application services between the edge and AWS cloud services.

With this power comes implementation and management challenges ranging from service provisioning to wellness monitoring, maximizing system uptime and general resource management. EdgeIQ Orchestration for AWS provides simplified AWS IoT service orchestration for AWS IoT Core, Greengrass, and AWS Lambdas as well as distributed Machine Learning models on connected devices at the edge.


Bring your own account. With EdgelQ AWS loT service orchestration, customers bring their own accounts and leave behind the need for complicated resource and certificate management. There is no need to pre-configure any of these services.


EdgelQ-managed devices will receive all their necessary configurations and AWS software updates, including Lambdas and Machine Learning Models, along with their AWS loT Core and Greengrass credentials.


You can implement and manage Edge IQ with through our easy to use web application or our developer-friendly APls, or both.


EdgelQ continuously monitors AWS loT Greengrass, installed Lambdas, and other services at the edge to ensure optimal performance.


Based on user-specified policies, alerts and notifications can be created and deployed to take action based on predefined events.


Based on service monitoring, EdgelQ will automatically reboot or restart edge components including AWS loT Services as needed, to ensure service availability.


To maximize system uptime, EdgelQ fully configures and manages edge-based AWS Greengrass redundancy and offers optional High Availability and policy-based fail over management.