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DeviceOps Meets
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

EdgeIQ delivers a fully-baked, scalable DeviceOps platform with a natively integrated on-ramp to AWS services. Fulfill any device lifecycle management need while using the power of key AWS IoT services.

Manage Your Connected Products & Their Data In One Place, At Scale

Scalable, End-To-End Device Management,
Monitoring, and Orchestration

EdgeIQ delivers all of the functionality needed to deploy scalable DeviceOps for connected product manufacturers. Key capabilities include device and data management, workflow orchestration, application integration (both cloud and enterprise), and security. Go beyond managing deployed devices in the field to monetizing them.

Simplify & Automate AWS IoT Core & IoT Greengrass

EdgeIQ natively integrates AWS IoT Core & AWS IoT Greengrass services into its DeviceOps workflows and makes them easier, faster, and more scalable for users to provision, use, and monitor. This includes the ability to for users to Bring Your Own Account (BYOA) for AWS services within EdgeIQ with just a few simple clicks as well as automate “Thing” creation.

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Solution Highlights

Zero-Touch Provisioning

Agentless device provisioning - including configurations, software updates, and polices for reporting and data.

Fleet Management

Create and manage a unified source of truth for all your connected products.

Software Management

Update any device software - from the OS to the firmware and applications.

User / Account Management

Granular, multi-tier support for role-based permissions and access.

Data Management

Configure and manage data consumption and federation policies.

Secrets Management

Store sensitive credentials securely that can be invoked in complex but automated workflows.

Bring Your Own Account (AWS IoT Core & Greengrass)

Integrate AWS accounts with the EdgeIQ platform in just a few clicks.

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Automated AWS “Thing” Creation

Automate the creation of devices within AWS through single or bulk uploads to the EdgeIQ platform.

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Certificate Management (AWS IoT Core & Greengrass)

Leverage certificates at various levels of the platform - at the device registration level up to cloud service access.

AWS IoT Greengrass Monitoring

EdgeIQ will install and monitor AWS IoT Greengrass at the edge.

AWS IoT Greengrass Reactivation

EdgeIQ can automatically reactivate AWS IoT Greengrass if the service is not responding.

Workflow Orchestration

Create and manage workflows in the platform (e.g. automated workflows based on events).

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