Transform Your Business Into a Symphony of

Device Management
Data Management
First Connection
User Management
Configuration Management
Service Event
Device Claiming
Cloud Integration

Powerful Workflows that drive business outcomes. You will never think of Device, Data, and Integration Management the same way again.

“ We have a shareholder mandate to evolve into an applications and analytics-centric business. We cannot, and will not, invest our own resources building device and data management software. ”

Chief Technology Officer
Fortune 100 Market Leader

Workflows are the Engine that Drive Business Outcomes

SymphonyIQ orchestrates the internal workflows within our DeviceOps, DataOps and Integration Hub pillars - but also powers workflows throughout your Application Ecosystem.


Accelerate new and existing business processes with API-based workflows that connect multiple applications and functions


Improve efficiency and free up internal resources with dozens of pre-built features for device management, security, and administration
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Ingest, normalize, analyze, visualize, federate, and store device and telemetry data over any network and any protocol.

Integration Hub

Capitalize on existing investments by using our API-first architecture to connect enterprise applications, as well as your own cloud, data storage, and analytics services

Empowering you to focus on the Strategic

With EdgeIQ, you can finally focus your scarce resources on technologies that set you apart - not the infrastructure development that holds you back.

Accelerate business transformation

Beyond mere features and point solutions, EdgeIQ powers workflows that drive outcomes that accelerate and de-risk your business transformation.

Reimagine the customer experience

By freeing internal resources from “connected product catch-up”, you can innovate faster while using EdgeIQ’s workflows to engage more consistently and optimize the customer experience throughout its lifecycle.

Realize operational and cost efficiencies

Automate highly manual processes across applications and personas, while identifying opportunities to recapture resources, elongate device lifespans, and reduce maintenance and field service costs.
Your Cloud.
Your Applications.
Your Data.
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With our API-first architecture, EdgeIQ seamlessly integrates with your existing environment including your cloud providers, enterprise applications, and data structures.

Get even more out of your investments with EdgeIQ’s painless, integrated workflows.

Embracing DeviceOps

Understanding the Mindset, Blueprint and Architecture for DeviceOps in your Business.
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