Counsulting and
Implementation Services

Measure twice, cut once. Our team will work as an extension of yours to documents goals and prioritize the most essential activities and product initiatives. We can help customers decide which products and device to onboard first, how to design policies for data orchestration and event management. will also help you onboard and train users, customers,service partner and other stakeholders who will be working with your operating Platform for connected Product.

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Application Development
and Integration Services

As an API-first platform, it's easy to understand why so many customers eventually want to build their own custom device and data management applications with our services. While our off the shelf application is an easy way to start, organizations eventually want their unique business logic, industry specific workflows or customer specific requirements baked into the application experience. The same is true for the upstream application and infrastructure services that are intergrated into their DeviceOps experience. Whatever the need, EdgeIQ's services team can help you design, build and integrate virtually any application and integration orchestration imaginable.

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Managed Services

Our customers are often so focused and resource-constrained that they need an end to end Managed Service experience for their own team and their customers. For these customers, EdgeIQ offers a turn-key offering to design, build and operate a customer's entire solution. This can done in the customer's own cloud infrastructure and using the customer's own accounts. This provides not only a simple solution with little or no staffing resources required by the customer, but ultimately it also provides complete control over the solution and even ownership of any custom application layer.

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