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Business Model Transformation

Transformation begins with an existential awareness of global and local changes, combined with a conscious determination that the organization can no longer succeed by doing what it once had, or monetizing its value the way it once did. How the firm produces, delivers, supports, and monetizes their product will all change. Executives who are serious about transformation will be among the first to unlock new business models and launch new revenue streams - leading the transformation of entire industries. The best of the best will combine digital activity with purposeful leadership, turning technology into transformation. 


Servitization in Today's
Product-as-a-Service Economy

Transforming a traditional product business into a product-as-a-service model requires a significant overhaul in operational processes, technology, and team focus. At the core of these transformations, is the requirement for digital tools to automatically provision, monitor, manage, upgrade, and remotely resolve their connected product services - all with the goal of driving uptime and delivering a flawless customer experience. Adhering to stringent service level agreements, and delivering seamless customer experiences becomes essential in a servitization model. Reduce truck rolls, mitigate customer calls, prevent service interruptions, and deliver new features and capabilities.


Transform Your Business from Reactive to Proactive 

Predictive analytics and proactive business processes are at the top of transformation lists for product and service organizations alike. With EdgeIQ, organizations realize next generation predictive capabilities through real-time data collected directly from the connected device edge, and translated into JSON format. EdgeIQ captures data across a wide array of sensors, connectivity modes, networks, security protocols, endpoints and gateways, for a truly agnostic solution. With real-time data this close to the source, connected product organizations can apply rich predictive analytics and process automation, transforming their business from reactive to proactive.


Rich Device Management and Campaign Execution

With a single click, upload and provision thousands of devices in mere seconds, while creating the hierarchical structure required for your business. Establish sophisticated device management parameters across varying product lines, accounts, users, and geographies. Monitor the health and wellness of your devices remotely - in real time - with automated alerts and notifications integrated to your organization’s service ticket desk. Reduce truck rolls, slash the amount of time your technicians spend in the field, and mitigate inbound calls. Manage your devices remotely, and conduct software updates during off-peak hours in local time, to ensure the most up to date features and capabilities are delivered, with minimal impact to the customer experience.

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Service Orchestration For Simplicity and Effectiveness

Connected product makers know all too well the challenges associated with managing and streamlining third party applications. EdgeIQ delivers a service orchestration solution to streamline and simplify all of your third party applications. Simplify cloud integration, application, container management, and automate key workflows. We handle all cross-account synchronization, certificate management, and more - through our API or web application. EdgeIQ is an API-first software platform. With a few lines of code, you can implement powerful management capabilities into your existing systems.

Digital Transformation Readiness


Digital Transformaton for Connected Products Whitepaper

The world is evolving, and so are customer expectations. Transformations will deliver new business models and revenue streams, while driving cost reduction and improved customer experiences - but you’ll need the digital infrastructure to get there.


Connected Product Platform Management Checklist

From initial requirements when launching an MVP, to boasting best-in-class device management capabilities, this is your one stop shop to assess your current product operations readiness - and to discover the art of the possible.


Are You Ready to Transform Your Business? Quiz

Businesses evolve at different stages in the change cycle - early, mid, late, and sometimes never. Don't get left behind - Take our quiz to see where you are on your readiness journey!


A New World For Connected Products Video

Your customers are counting on the reliability and availability of your products more than ever. See how EdgeIQ can provide the tools you need to manage your connected product business remotely.

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