EdgeIQ and AWS IoT Greengrass

Managing connected devices means managing their entire value chain from deployment to decommissioning - from wellness monitoring to feature-rich software update management.
But today it also means leveraging the power and promise of truly distributed computing. It means machine learning and event management at the edge. Simple, policy-based data filtering and federation to any edge or cloud service - all through a single pane of glass or API transaction. 

Get Started with AWS IoT Greengrass and EdgeIQ Today

By delivering AWS IoT Greengrass with MachineShop® EdgeIQ®, customers will benefit from enhanced deployment and usability features plus additional value through high availability and service management.

Simplified Service Integration

Customers bring their own accounts and enter their credentials to automatically configure AWS Iot Core and Greengrass; there is no need to pre-configure any of these services in advance.

Zero-Touch Deployment

Once connected to the appropriate network, EdgeIQ-enabled devices will receive all their necessary configurations, software updates, and AWS IoT Core and Greengrass credentials.

Group Management

Manage multiple device groups and accounts through a simple user interface or API calls. All the credentials are managed for you by EdgeIQ.

Service Update

Selectively upgrade the version of AWS IoT Greengrass by device or group. You can do the same with any service running on your device.

Service Monitoring

Based on user-specified policies alerts, and notifications are created when any service stops reporting on specified intervals.

Automated Alerts and Notifications

Easily create and manage alerts and notifications based on virtually any device or network parameter. Integrate with service platforms for a richer experience.

Automatic Restart

When EdgeIQ determines that an edge component or device needs to be restarted or rebooted, it can be done in a fully automated way.

Local Failover

Local, managed redundancy provides alternative to restart or re-initialization. The option of choosing is easily managed through EdgeIQ's management service.

Application or API

MachineShop provides a true solution. A configurable web application allows users to navigate the most complex features. Our rich RESTful APIs also allow you to integrate services into your own applications.