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MachineShop Becomes EdgeIQ and Expands Platform for Edge

By Skyler Haupt

EdgeIQ is the solution for hundreds of thousands of companies that build and maintain their own software infrastructure for managing billions of Linux and Windows devices.

Embedded World 2020 -- February 27, 2020 (Nuremberg Germany and Boston USA) EdgeIQ, Inc. today announced its new name and released an expanded version of its EdgeIQ software platform. For the past two years the company has quietly invested in its cradle-to-grave device management, application and data orchestration platform for connected products and edge infrastructure. While these features were always part of its legacy platform, EdgeIQ is committed to becoming the leading provider of these foundational capabilities for organizations in today’s hyper-connected world.

"While there has been much market discussion about the best way to connect IoT devices and analyze their data, the fundamental topic of IoT device management often gets lost in these conversations, says Stacy Crook, research director, IoT at IDC. By providing a common fabric from which to onboard, monitor, and update devices over their lifecycle, IoT device management allows organizations to launch new IoT products and services with confidence."

Today there are more than 100,000 organizations which build, deploy and support non-IT edge devices in their operations, or their customers’ operations. From drones to dialysis machines, from gateways to edge computers, most of these billions of devices use some derivative of Linux and a small number use the Windows operating system. Out of necessity, organizations had to build management and integration software even though they were sourcing connectivity, computing components, operating systems and cloud infrastructure from partners. Starting today, those same organizations have a powerful ally in EdgeIQ and an alternative to building software which, while necessary, adds no differentiated value.

EdgeIQ is an API-first software platform that also offers an intuitive web application so customers can be immediately operational with their existing fleet of devices. It is ideally suited for organizations with legacy deployments and new products ready for market. Its capabilities include:

Device Lifecycle Management

Deploy - Onboard devices individually or by the thousands with tools to simplify fleet management, user management and multi-tier account hierarchies

Provision - Devices will auto-configure network settings, wellness reporting and important applications and cloud service integrations without any human intervention

Wellness Monitoring - Devices can be configured to send periodic heartbeats and any predefined data elements that are important to customers, including key diagnostics logs and more.

Software Update Management - much more than OTA updates. Schedule and audit a wide range of updates, commands, configuration changes, certificates, integrations and more.

Decommissioning - remove devices from active monitoring and management, disconnect from networks, wipe software and send updates to asset management systems.


Cloud Infrastructure and Application Integration - Seamlessly integrate devices and their data to any local or cloud application and infrastructure service. Integration becomes part of zero-touch deployment including certificate management and cross-account synchronization.

Data Management - configure ingestion service to receive, normalize, filter and federate data to any authorized endpoints - at the edge or in the cloud. Many non-IP protocols supported, e.g. Modbus, BACnet, OPC-UA and more.

Workflow Automation - Policy-based and easy to implement services to automate workflows from deploying devices, managing software updates, handing upstream cloud integrations and more.

“It is senseless for product manufacturers or enterprises to build and maintain their own software for their edge device management, said Michael Campbell, president and CEO of EdgeIQ. Homebuilders don’t build their own pipes or harvest their own lumber, so why are organizations building their own software infrastructure? Connected devices have reached a complexity and scale that compel organizations to find external solutions that will scale across device type, network, OS, firmware version and customer profile. We help our customers shift their focus, their people and their financial capital back to the features and technology that are truly differentiating” Campbell added.

What are the Experts Saying?


In their 2018 IIoT Magic Quadrant, Gartner claims, “The IIoT Market Has A Device Management Problem”. Specifically, their first ever Magic Quadrant on IIoT platforms states that Device management appears to be the technology element of the modern IIoT platform where vendors spend the least amount of effort and investment.”

ABI Research

ABI Research published an extensive overview of the device management market in their 2018 report, “Device Management Services for the Edge Centric IoT”. ABI estimates that the market for device management services will reach $20.5B by 2023. With a major shift to distributed and edge computing, device management is increasingly important for smart product manufacturers and their customers.

About EdgeIQ

EdgeIQ is CRM for Machines™ and the leading provider of device management and orchestration software for edge devices and connected products. EdgeIQ is an API-first platform that allows organizations to invest their resources on product innovation and operational efficiency - not building undifferentiated infrastructure software. EdgeIQ is used by leading product manufacturers, enterprises, ISVs and service providers to deploy, monitor, manage hundreds of thousands of devices and their data into their powerful, distributed value chains.

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