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EdgeIQ Announces New Orchestration Service

By Skyler Haupt

Advanced Orchestration Capabilities Simplify Service Deployment and Management while Automating Common Workflows and Data Federation

Boston, MA – December 18, 2019 EdgeIQ, the leading provider of software infrastructure for connected products, today announced the expansion of its platform to include advanced Orchestration services. The new service offering includes: (1) One-click and zero-touch integration with cloud services, (2) the ability to deploy, monitor and update third party services to edge nodes, (3) direct edge-to-cloud data federation from any device to any destination, and (4) policy-based workflow management to automate and audit key device and data management functions.

EdgeIQ already addresses the foundational Device Lifecycle Management requirements for managing fleets of connected products and their users. With the latest release, EdgeIQ allows connected product manufacturers and their customers to deploy advanced software capabilities to manage connected products and their data at scale while integrating them into a nearly infinite number of third-party systems and services.

The enhanced Orchestration capabilities within the platform provide tremendous customer value for:

Cloud Service Integration Management

Orchestration masks the complexity of integrating edge devices with local or cloud services and enables device integrations as part of its zero-touch deployment feature. When a device is provisioned, its status and data are automatically enabled with its corresponding cloud service credentials, certificates, and administration.

Edge Service Management

Services can be deployed, monitored, and updated at the edge for a variety of edge computing use cases, such as machine learning. EdgeIQ deploys services via OCI-compliant containers or as native applications.

Data Orchestration

EdgeIQ provides device- and protocol-agnostic data ingestion, normalization, filtering, and buffering. Normalized data can instantly and directly be federated to multiple upstream applications without traversing a third-party cloud service.

Workflow Automation

The platform automates complex management tasks through a simple, yet powerful policy-based service that administers a wide range of one-time or scheduled, repeatable tasks. These tasks and operations can be created long before fleets of devices are even deployed in the field and then become executable once devices auto-provision.

“Orchestration is as important for Software Defined Devices as it is for Software Defined Networks,” according to Michael Campbell, EdgeIQ Chief Executive Officer. “Connected products are at the epicenter of a value chain that links manufacturers with customers and their service and supply chains. EdgeIQ is providing tools that these companies will increasingly require to be successful.

Orchestration is immediately available for EdgeIQ customers and partners. Its features are implemented and managed through our highly intuitive web application or rich RESTful APIs and developer resources.

About EdgeIQ

EdgeIQ provides the software infrastructure that powers Connected Products. Our software and services allow customers and partners to innovate better, get to market faster and deliver dramatically superior customer outcomes. EdgeIQ's API-first platform dramatically simplifies the lifecycle management and orchestration of connected products and their integration into their value chain. Founded in 2012, EdgeIQ is headquartered in Boston, MA with offices in Denver and distribution partners worldwide. More information about our products and offerings can be found at

Press contact for EdgeIQ: Skyler Haupt, Marketing Manager, at

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