A New World for Connected Products

By Skyler Haupt

Video Transcript:

Overnight the world changed - your customers are counting on the reliability and availability of your products more than ever. Your business is also essential- and yesterday’s way of operating is no longer enough.

Whether you’re a product, technology, or service leader, you need to evolve the way you’re managing your business- to digitize - and begin to deploy, monitor, and resolve connected device issues remotely - in real time.

That’s why there’s EdgeIQ: software for the lifecycle management of connected products.

From smart buildings to medical devices, power & energy to physical security , industrial automation and everything in between - there has never been a more critical time for reliable remote management at scale.

As our daily lives transform, so does your business. EdgeIQ delivers simple API-first solutions to help you scale, manage, and grow your business safely - for both your employees and your customers.

Simplified Deployment. Remote Software Updates. Real-Time Monitoring. And Powerful Service Orchestration. We deliver the tools and solutions you need to manage your business remotely. Let’s get it right… together - with EdgeIQ.

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